Community Building for Product Managers

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About The Webinar

Intentional or not, every business has a built-in community. Sometimes, it’s a formal membership. Other times, it’s a collection of fans or loyal customers. Regardless, community management has gained popularity over the years and become a crucial lifeline for product leaders to gather real-time feedback that informs product growth.

So the question is, how do you build a community? Where do you start? If you already have one, are you properly leveraging it?

In this webinar replay, Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, shares his own experience behind building and leveraging communities, as well as the journey he has seen other industry leaders take in building world-class community programs. 

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

    • The purpose of communities and why building them matters

    • The different community types and how to identify the right one for your business

    • Actionable and scalable steps you can follow to create and nurture an interactive community

    • How to track the impact of your community efforts

Featured Presenters

Ryan Hoover

Product Hunt

Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt and Angel Investor in The Weekend Fund. Formerly, he created Startup Edition, worked as an EIR at Tradecraft, and was the Director of Product at PlayHaven.

Featured Presenter

Join Virgin Mobile Senior Manager Özgür Geminci for this on-demand webinar as he provides an inside look to Virgin Mobile's analysis for building or buying chat to fully digitize its customer experience in app. 

Christine Eng

Director of User
Experience, Accolade

Hiren Bhavsar

Director of Product
Management, Accolade

“In the case of software, the build vs. buy dilemma becomes increasingly difficult as most enterprise companies have the resources and talent in-house to build software. It thus becomes less a matter of "Can we do it?" and more a matter of "Should we do it?""

- Özgür Gemici, Senior Manager