In-App Chat: To Buy or Build?

Webinar Replay

About The Webinar

The global economy is increasingly digital, from ride-sharing to e-commerce to dating. With that comes an increased need for immediate digital communication powered by in-app chat, product leaders are facing the age-old question: do I build it in-house, or do I buy it?

Virgin Mobile tackled this very question when exploring options to improve their in-app customer experience for their users. Özgür Gemici, Senior Manager at Virgin Mobile, provides an inside look to the company's analysis for building or buying chat to fully digitize its customer experience in app. Learn from a real-world case and gain practical advice to make your own build vs. buy decision with confidence.

In this replay you will learn:

  • Why Virgin Mobile understood the business need to build in-app chat to fully digitize its customer support

  • Virgin Mobile's detailed evaluation process for building in-house vs. leveraging a chat API

  • Best practices and advice for other companies evaluating API vendors