4 Fundamental Tensions of Product Management

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In physics, “tension” is described as the action-reaction pair of forces acting at either end of the elements. In the context of mental or emotional strain, “tension” can refer to anxiety or excitement. In product management, “tension” is everywhere. Therefore, succeeding as a product manager often means understanding and balancing tension.

In this session, Suzanne Abate will identify four core tensions of product management, and discuss strategies she employs (both as a practitioner and as a product leader coaching others) to balance the opposing forces of the job and avoid the pitfalls of swinging too far one way, or another.

If you’re struggling with the subtler challenges of the PM role or craving guidance for how to “own” your role, this is a must-join session.

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“In the case of software, the build vs. buy dilemma becomes increasingly difficult as most enterprise companies have the resources and talent in-house to build software. It thus becomes less a matter of "Can we do it?" and more a matter of "Should we do it?""

- Özgür Gemici, Senior Manager