Advanced time management principles & tactics for leaders

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Lack of time is a perpetual source of stress in the product manager’s journey. No matter how well you’ve prioritized, no matter what milestone your product has just reached, there is a near-infinite list of really important things you could be doing that you just cannot do.

There are many well-known resources & principles for managing time: systems such as getting-things-done, “managing your energy, not your time”, prioritization formulas, Eisenhower Matrix, etc. These are no doubt useful, but for most senior product managers and leaders, these systems leave a lot to be desired.

In this session, Shreyas Doshi will share a number of advanced time management principles & tactics that he has employed (and has seen some of the most effective product leaders & executives employ) with tremendous success over the years. Among other things, you will learn the ideas & practices behind Radical Delegation, advanced calendar management, differentiating between your todos based on the leverage they bring, Proof of Worth, and more. This is a must-join session if, as a senior product manager or product leader, you are looking to become substantially more efficient & effective in your current and your next role.

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