Outcome vs output: What should your product team prioritize?

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About the webinar

One of the core differences between feature teams and empowered product teams is that while feature teams sign up to deliver features and projects (output), product teams sign up to deliver business results (outcomes). This discrepancy may not sound like a big deal, but it changes nearly everything, from the skills of the people on the team, to how work is assigned, to the team's relationship with the rest of the company, to what it means to be accountable.

More generally, it's a lot more difficult to deliver results than design and code features. And not everyone is capable of doing this, and even many who are capable are not interested in the increased responsibility. So why care? Because just about every major technology-powered innovation in our industry has come from empowered product teams.

Please watch the Q&A webinar replay with Marty Cagan, as he shares invaluable insights on outcome vs. output focused product teams.