How to choose a HIPAA-compliant communication channel

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How patient-centered communication can help deliver better personalized care

Research increasingly shows that patient satisfaction is strongly linked to communication between healthcare providers and their patients. A global study conducted by FICO found that 80% of people would like to use their mobile phones to interact with healthcare providers. Doctors, nurses and administrators also see the clear benefits of asynchronous communication from their smartphones: It’s easy, convenient and effective.

But for healthcare organizations to give both patients and providers the communication channel they want, they need a messaging and chat solution that is both easy to use and HIPAA compliant. Therefore, it’s essential that healthcare organizations find a communication solution that is already HIPAA compliant to prevent these PHI breaches before they occur.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to balance the risks and benefits of HIPAA compliant SMS

  • The role of HITECH in patient communication

  • How to choose a HIPAA-compliant communication channel that best fits your needs

Learn how to drive more engagement and gross transaction value with in-app messaging

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But from technical errors to traffic jams, your company can’t control every variable. That’s where in-app chat and messaging can make the