Healthcare Guide
to In-app Interactions

Deliver better care and increase patient satisfaction with in-app messaging, voice and video

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In-app interactions: A vital way to connect with patients, quickly

The healthcare industry is always looking to innovate - with better medicine, better treatment, better preventive care. But most providers are still using outdated or disjointed ways of communicating with patients. With patient-centered healthcare taking center stage, it’s time for modern healthcare companies to transform their in-app communications to provide patients with a reliable, responsive, and intuitive messaging experience.

Inside this healthcare guide, you will find the tools to help you build an in-app messaging strategy that can help you deliver better care for better patient outcomes.

The guide contains insights about:

  • Sample messaging flows for different healthcare use cases

  • Suggested messaging features for healthcare companies

  • Tips on how to measure success for your in-app messaging strategy

Learn how to drive more engagement and gross transaction value with in-app messaging

Whether they’re hailing a ride, ordering a burger or moving a couch, today’s consumers expect near-instantaneous service and on- demand messaging at their fingertips.

In this mobile world, user experience is king. Customers want personalized, convenient relationships with their favorite brands. Ideally, these experiences also require little to no friction.

But from technical errors to traffic jams, your company can’t control every variable. That’s where in-app chat and messaging can make the