Build chat in under 15 min with Sendbird UIKit

Join us in this webinar replay to see how to get from the first line of code to the first message sent in under 15 minutes, using the Sendbird UIKit.

Fully-featured chat API and SDK built on AWS

SendBird Chat
  • Faster time to market

    Build modern messaging experiences in minutes with Sendbird UIKit- set of pre-built UI components

  • Scalability

    Accommodate 30mn+ MAU per app and 1mn+ concurrent connections with Sendbird

  • Messaging essentials

    Employ delivery receipts, unread message count, reactions, meta-array API, shared files, and multimedia & auto-thumbnails.

  • Advanced messaging

    Add translation, moderation dashboard, freeze channel, auto-image moderation and profanity filters.

“With SendBird’s developer-friendly chat API and SDKs we were quickly able to build in-app chat.”

Hiren Bhavsar, Director of PM

“SendBird’s client base gave us confidence that they would be able to handle our traffic and projected growth.”

Ben Celibicic, CTO

“SendBird powers our core transaction flows via a fast and reliable messaging layer between our buyers and sellers.”

Victor Neo, Director of Engineering





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