In-app chat:
build vs buy guide

The decision to build or buy is crucial. This rubric will help you decide whether to build or buy when it comes to chat

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To build, or not to build? Navigating your in-app chat journey

Many times, the decision to build or buy is often made with the heart rather than the head. But as you can imagine, building your own chat requires a significant amount of time and resources. Depending on your use case, resource constraints, and business priorities, you will evaluate your options and move forward with a chat implementation that makes the most sense for your companies needs.

Is this a decision that you would want to make with your heart rather than facts?

Inside this build vs buy guide, you will find the tools and insights to help you make an informed decision about your in-app chat development needs. The guide contains insights about:

Four most important factors your company should consider before making a build vs buy decision

What features an advanced in-app chat solution should offer

A cost breakdown of different chat product areas for advanced and basic chat

Learn how to drive more engagement and gross transaction value with in-app messaging

Whether they’re hailing a ride, ordering a burger or moving a couch, today’s consumers expect near-instantaneous service and on- demand messaging at their fingertips.

In this mobile world, user experience is king. Customers want personalized, convenient relationships with their favorite brands. Ideally, these experiences also require little to no friction.

But from technical errors to traffic jams, your company can’t control every variable. That’s where in-app chat and messaging can make the