Building Chat into mobile apps

How innovative leaders choose to buy, then build with chat, voice, and video APIs

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Deciding how to build chat in your app?

Today’s API marketplace offers an incredible opportunity for product and engineering leaders to quickly and thoroughly evaluate what to build from scratch and what to build on top of. This is why, because of the sheer number of options available, the traditional build vs. buy decision becomes infinitely more complex.

In this ebook, learn from experienced product and engineering leaders from DoorDash, Reddit, Rakuten France, and Rally Health on why they made the decision to buy, then build, and how they navigated the process.

If your team is contemplating the best approach for building chat in your mobile app, this ebook will guide you on how to:

Avoid reinventing the wheel

Mitigate complexity

Limit scope and costs with a handy cost calculator framework

Accelerate developer velocity

Reduce risk

Focus on what’s core to your business

Learn how to drive more engagement and gross transaction value with in-app messaging

Whether they’re hailing a ride, ordering a burger or moving a couch, today’s consumers expect near-instantaneous service and on- demand messaging at their fingertips.

In this mobile world, user experience is king. Customers want personalized, convenient relationships with their favorite brands. Ideally, these experiences also require little to no friction.

But from technical errors to traffic jams, your company can’t control every variable. That’s where in-app chat and messaging can make the