Making Growth Predictable with Jobs Theory

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Businesses usually want growth. One revelation of JTBD theory is you cannot just think about product, you must think about your entire offering.

As shoppers explore the market and make purchase decisions, they’re considering messaging, branding, features, price – all of it together. This means you must also test all aspects of your product offering together.

Join us for this webinar with Alan Klement, author of When Coffee and Kale Compete, as he shows you how you can approach this complex challenge by breaking the problem down and designing meaningful experiments to test your hypotheses and assumptions across the organization so that your growth can be more predictable. He will draw on real examples including Apple and Lego to demonstrate how to get better results and think about how to optimize for current customers and invent for the future.

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Matt LeMay

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Featured Presenter

Join Virgin Mobile Senior Manager Özgür Geminci for this on-demand webinar as he provides an inside look to Virgin Mobile's analysis for building or buying chat to fully digitize its customer experience in app. 

Christine Eng

Director of User
Experience, Accolade

Hiren Bhavsar

Director of Product
Management, Accolade

“In the case of software, the build vs. buy dilemma becomes increasingly difficult as most enterprise companies have the resources and talent in-house to build software. It thus becomes less a matter of "Can we do it?" and more a matter of "Should we do it?""

- Özgür Gemici, Senior Manager